No-dig Trenchless technology

Your Drain pipes, Sewer Line and Water service can be fixed by our licensed plumbers using the latest technology without having to dig your property. We are experienced with all types of sewer repair and you can be assured that we will take care of all your needs.

The ‘No Dig’ Trenchless Sewer Repair saves your landscaping and thousands of dollars. Also it takes less time than digging up to replace your sewer line. The Trenchless Technology is generally quiet and non-disruptive and requires less exposed working area.

How does it work?

Only two access holes need to be created. One hole is at or in the building to make the connection to the main line, and the other hole is at the property line to make the connection to the main city sewer. Trenchless technology works by pulling a pipe bursting head that is drawn through your old pipe with hydraulics. It crushes the old pipe as the pipe bursting head moves forward and replaces it with a brand new in its place.

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